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     Don't be down in the dumps 'cuz yo business(es) ain't boomin'!!! For the incredibly low cost of just a dollar a day; you can become a sponsor for airtime to promote YOUR very own enterprise(s) and/or event(s) globally on Music By Muziq, LLC Variety Internet Radio!!!

                                                      Easy!!! Affordable!!! Profitable!!!


                                                           Airtime Sponsorship Plans:


                                    (Minimum)     30  Days = $  30.00  (Regular Price!!)
                                                            90  Days = $  75.00  (Includes 15 Days Free!!)
                                                          180  Days = $150.00  (Includes 30 Days Free!!)
                                    (Maximum)  360  Days = $300.00  (Includes 60 Days Free!!)

                                                  The Terms And Conditions Are As Follows:
    - Audio advertisements will ONLY be accepted if submitted in MP3 file format.
    - Audio advertisements MUST be titled properly; and the full title MUST be mentioned at least             
      once in the audio advertisement.

    - The run time for audio advertisements MUST be no longer than thirty seconds. 

    - It is acceptable for audio advertisements to contain any genre(s) of background music.
      However, due to copyright laws; the artist(s) and title(s) of any/all music used in the              

      production of the audio advertisement MUST also be submitted.

    - Though explicit language is acceptable; audio advertisements containing material that is              

      considered to be offensive to the fan base of the station will be returned for additional editing.


                                                                     'Let's Get It Started!!'


      If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for airtime; and your audio advertisement is ready for review; please download a copy of our Audio Advertisement Submission Release form; (obtainable below our calendar); and read it thoroughly. Please fill it out completely and submit an attached copy of it; along with an attached copy of your audio advertisement; via email to: (Please completely fill out and submit as many copies of our Audio Advertisement Submission Release form as necessary.) You will be notified once your audio advertisement has been reviewed.

****Music By Muziq, LLC reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime without notice for any reason.****